Group Gallery Exhibitions and Awards


  • B&W Child Photo Competition - “Outside the Ordinary,” Honorable Mention


  • B&W Child Photo Competition - “Even Just Part of You Is Enough,” Honorable Mention
  • Praxis Gallery, The Portrait, Minneapolis, MN -  "Bloody Nose in the Bath,” Juror’s Choice Award


  • Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, 6th Open Call - "Bloody Nose in the Bath"
  • Lenscratch "The Ides of March: Omens and Predictions" - "You Dream of Floods and Storms But Never People"
  • Darkroom Gallery, The Portrait - "You Don't Know What You're Capable Of"
  • A Smith Gallery, Summertime - “Lilac Time Machine,” Director’s Choice Award
  • Minnesota State Fair - “Lilac Time Machine”
  • The Curated Fridge - “The Prince”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Childhood - “The Prince” and “The Antler,” Juror’s Honorable Mention
  • 14th Annual Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, honorable mention for Portrait, Self Portrait, and Child Photography
  • 10th Annual Photobook Show, Davis Orton Gallery and Griffin Museum of Photography, Look Me in the Lens


  • Southeast Center for Photography, Family - “Window Raptor”
  • A. Smith Gallery, Portraits - “Crossed”
  • Center for Fine Art Photography, Portraits - “The Prince”
  • Lenscratch, Self-Quarantining - “Pandemic Generation Gap”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Portraits of Self-Isolation - “Separate”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Finding the Light - "Light Whisper," Honorable Mention
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Finding the Light - "100 Years of Votes for Women and My Great-Grandmother's Dress"


  • Minnesota State Fair - “Roots and Limbs," Juror's Honorable Mention
  • Praxis Gallery - "Prairie Breeze," Juror's Honorable Mention

Solo Exhibition


  • A. Smith Gallery, "Static: Self Portraits on 4x5 Film Shocked by Static Electricity"

Print Publications

In addition to her crowd-funded book, Look Me in the Lens, Kate's work has been published in several print publications, including the following:

  • The Portrait exhibition catalog from Praxis Gallery - "Bloody Nose in the Bath"
  • Shots Magazine, January 2019 - "Listen to the Wind"
  • Shots Magazine, April 2019 - "Long for a Warmer Sun" and "Fairy Tales"
  • Shots Magazine, June 2020 - "Hand in the Bath"

Podcasts and Artist's Talks

Kate has been honored to be a guest on several podcasts, including the following:

She also gave an artist's talk about her work at the Portland Art Museum in January of 2020. You can watch in on YouTube.

Selected News Media and Interviews

Kate's work, especially her Autism Project, has been featured worldwide: