Group Gallery Exhibitions and Awards


  • B&W Child Photo Competition - “Outside the Ordinary,” Honorable Mention


  • B&W Child Photo Competition - “Even Just Part of You Is Enough,” Honorable Mention
  • Praxis Gallery, The Portrait, Minneapolis, MN -  "Bloody Nose in the Bath,” Juror’s Choice Award


  • Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, 6th Open Call - "Bloody Nose in the Bath"
  • Lenscratch "The Ides of March: Omens and Predictions" - "You Dream of Floods and Storms But Never People"
  • Darkroom Gallery, The Portrait - "You Don't Know What You're Capable Of"
  • A Smith Gallery, Summertime - “Lilac Time Machine,” Director’s Choice Award
  • Minnesota State Fair - “Lilac Time Machine”
  • The Curated Fridge - “The Prince”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Childhood - “The Prince” and “The Antler,” Juror’s Honorable Mention
  • 14th Annual Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, honorable mention for Portrait, Self Portrait, and Child Photography
  • 10th Annual Photobook Show, Davis Orton Gallery and Griffin Museum of Photography, Look Me in the Lens


  • Southeast Center for Photography, Family - “Window Raptor”
  • A. Smith Gallery, Portraits - “Crossed”
  • Center for Fine Art Photography, Portraits - “The Prince”
  • Lenscratch, Self-Quarantining - “Pandemic Generation Gap”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Portraits of Self-Isolation - “Separate”
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Finding the Light - "Light Whisper," Honorable Mention
  • PhotoPlace Gallery, Finding the Light - "100 Years of Votes for Women and My Great-Grandmother's Dress"

Solo Exhibition


  • A. Smith Gallery, "Static: Self Portraits on 4x5 Film Shocked by Static Electricity"

Print Publications

In addition to her crowd-funded book, Look Me in the Lens, Kate's work has been published in the following:

  • The Portrait exhibition catalog from Praxis Gallery - "Bloody Nose in the Bath"
  • Shots Magazine, January 2019 - "Listen to the Wind"
  • Shots Magazine, April 2019 - "Long for a Warmer Sun" and "Fairy Tales"
  • Shots Magazine, June 2020 - "Hand in the Bath"


Kate has been honored to be a guest on these podcasts:

Selected News Media and Interviews

Kate's work, especially her Autism Project, has been featured worldwide: